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You Are My Garden, 2023

You Are My Garden is an ongoing series that is documentary
based. As my garden awakens from winter to spring I photograph the happenings that occur in between. My garden consists of the whole space behind my home which is almost half an acre. A typical day working outside would be my husband and I working together to while my children play. The garden is filled with found items and salvaged pallets along with perineal wildflowers that begin to bloom again every year. To further express the eclectic nature of the space I incorporate various forms of photography including digital photographs, 35mm film, and cyanotypes. The cyanotypes are made on site in the garden with the same sunlight that feeds the plant life. You Are My Garden is a documentary project that follows the growth that occurs in nature, but
it is also one that catches the moments of a young family as they grow rest, wait, work, and play. Family, like the landscape of a garden, requires nurture and patience. My family is my garden and when we are in the garden together, we are home.

Archival Pigment Prints